Moisture Testing

How we moisture test anhydrite flowing screeds

No single test tells you everything
Testing screeds for moisture has become a critical process requirement, particularly where sensitive flooring or impermeable membranes are to be installed over. But, while several standard moisture test methods are available, no single test reveals everything that should be considered in deciding when flooring can be installed or a coating applied.

Moisture Testing-The options:
• Flir IGM
• MMS”=2
• Tramex
• Carbide Bomb Testing Kit
• Hair Hygrometer Testing Kit

ForceDry will attend site and assess the best method for your project.

We recommend a combination of:
Non invasive – thermal imaging camera. We can thermal image the screed indicating potential moisture spots with the units colour display. This will help identify floor loops when heat is in operation and moisture spots showing up where best to test.% RH. This test provides a quick result which can be data-logged and recorded. Tramex can give surface measurements to indicate where further testing is needed.

Invasive. A more robust accurate method which involves drilling a 3⁄4 hole to suitable depth of screed and inserting our adjustable humidity sleeve with hygrostick sensor. Once the sleeve has acclimatised (normally 2-3hours), we can take our reading and record using the instrument's data logger.

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