Quick drying for screeded floors
ForceDry screed drying solutions significantly reduce drying times for screeded floors. Hire a portable electric boiler to speed up your building project at any time of year.

ForceDry has created an innovative drying system, which is not only portable, but capable of meeting the increased need for floors to be dry within an allocated time schedule.    Whilst liquid floor screeds are reducing in depths and becoming not only environmentally efficient but increasingly heat reactive when combined with underfloor heating, the combination of these elements and ForceDry's technology create the perfect drying solution for any floor.

  • ForceDry can benefit the construction industry, and those that are under time constraints for any building project in the UK
  • Reducing drying times saves money, and allows the project to progress quickly using ForceDry's innovative methods
  • Works can continue in winter months and reduce the chance of freezing underfloor heating pipework
  • Liquid screeds are environmentally friendly and energy efficient, saving the home owner money when installed with any UFH system
  • Working in partnership with some of the biggest screed companies in the UK ForceDry has the expertise and knowledge for drying floors
  • From developers and building contractors to self-build home owners we have a system suitable for your project

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Gypsum screeds are based on calcium sulphate, and are 98% recycled using waste materials, sharp sand, aggregate and anhydrite binder, therefore not only do they compliment UFH perfectly, they can be laid in depths ranging from 25mm.

  • Due to innovation in the building industry liquid flow screeds are now safe to force dry
  • Liquid flow screeds do not curl and shrinkage is extremely low, minimising cracking
  • Dehumidifiers can be used after 72 hours and the underfloor heating commissioned from 7 days
  • Liquid flow screeds do not need any reinforcement and the screed can usually be walked on 24-48hrs later

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Q and A

How quickly can I apply heat to my underfloor heating? 
Heat can be applied from 7 days of screed installation

Do I need a special power unit for the ForceDry System? 
Because ForceDry team are experienced plumbers , we will correctly match our ForceDry System with your floor area and required power output

How will I know when my screed is dry? 
A reputable screed supplier will always issue screed care instructions and best practice needs to be followed at all times.  This is dependent not only on site conditions but external weather conditions as well.  Using a ForceDry system you will have peace of mind that we will guide you every step of the way, to ensure that your floor is ready to accept your final floor coverings.