About Us

Who are we and what do we do?

Established in 2012, ForceDry operates a hire fleet of temporary site boilers to link onto underfloor heating loops laid within flowing liquid floor screeds to accelerate the drying process, whilst at the same time providing the commissioning process as per the British Standard BS8204 (part 7 pumpable self smoothing screeds) code of practice.

ForceDry worksxin the residential, leisure and commercial sectors driving quality assurance systems and reducing floor failures for main contractors and their clients.

Why use Force-Dry?

  • 50mm Screed – natural drying time with good weather conditions = 60days minimum. However, with typical UK weather – up to 90-100 days
  • Using ForceDry boilers starting on day 7 following the pour = 21days with good environmental controls in place
  • Gain valuable programme time
  • Reduce the risk of floor failure and expensive remedial costs
  • Drive quality assurance
  • M&E commissioning opportunities
  • Background heat for follow on trades

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