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How can force drying screed save time?

Our ForceDry programme dries, commissions and conditions screed in as little as 21 days saving in excess of 40 days compared to natural drying times. The exact programme differs slightly depending on the screed brand which we will calculate for you.

The equipment we provide

ForceDry’s 3 component systems comprise of a specialist boiler set-up to meet any project’s specific needs and supplied ready to use. Our high spec dehumidifiers and air moving fans are the best on the market offering the maximum capacity and performance.

How it works

Installed onto the existing manifold of the underfloor heating system, a programme is followed which gently and safely heats up the screed in small increments over several days. Once at the target temperature it is held for a set number of days then the process is reversed. As the specialist boiler gently heats up the screed, our industrial fans and high-spec dehumidifiers create the ideal environment above the screed. They maintain these environmental controls throughout the force drying process which encourages screed to give up even more moisture, dry quicker and achieve the best possible RH levels.

What does my site need in order to run our equipment?

Our equipment works without the need for first of second fix plumbing allowing it to be installed very early in your projects programme. You would need to have a manifold in place, mains water and power. Our boilers are all 230v and our dehumidifiers and fans are 110v allowing the equipment to run on minimum power.

Once we have talked to you about your project we would supply you with a tailored list so you can be absolutely sure you’re ready for our equipment.

We offer delivery and collection to sites anywhere within the UK. We can install and remove equipment for you if needed. Weather we come to site or just send out the equipment we’re on hand to support you throughout the process.