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How does dust suppression impact screed drying times?

Reaching for the water hose? Then STOP

Think twice as the benefits are very short lived. On average a hose pipe pumps approximately 17 gallons of water per minute can increase the RH levels in the screed to unsafe levels for laying floor finishes. Without removing the dust the problem remains and continues to make an unhealthy work environment.

What’s the best method of dust suppression?

Reduce the amount of dust to begin with by using power tools with vacuum dust removal built in. Vacuuming the area using a hepa-filtered vacuum will remove dust cleanly and safely. Never dry sweep as this throws finer dust back into the air and onto the screed again.

How can I create a good environment to achieve the best possible screed drying times?

  • Remove any floor coverings, sheets or items which are stacked on the screed impeding the drying.
  • Consider a force drying programme to dry the screed and prepare it ready for the final floor finish quickly and safely.
  • Seal doors and windows and reduce personnel access within the dwellings​.

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