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Winter is coming… Time to prepare your site.

winter scene

Everyone is hoping for a few more weeks of summer, but when winter comes, ForceDry will be ready to provide temporary heat for your site. ForceDry provide specialist boilers which can produce ambient heat for wet trades and help dry your screed in winter by connecting to your current heating system or underfloor heating.

Weather plays a huge part in working conditions on a construction site. Especially during the colder months when the nights draw in and temperatures drop. Protect your employees, tools and equipment left on site and more importantly protect your project and materials from damp, cold and freezing conditions. Acclimatise materials in situ even in winter so your project can keep moving forward all year round and you are not left waiting for your screed to dry.

ForceDry’s specialist 4 component system can create the ideal environmental controls. They maintain consistent temperatures and humidity on a project, whatever the weather outside. Our electric boilers, dehumidifiers and air moving fans are versatile, able to be moved around sites easily, and can be used on sites without central power, creating ambient conditions for trades and materials to benefit from. ForceDry can match the ideal conditions for drying screed in winter (set out by the screed manufacturer in the datasheet) with our equipment to ensure you can achieve their suggested drying times e.g. 20 degrees and 65% and below RH.

ForceDry’s equipment can be hired separately or part of our Screed Force Drying Programmes. Specialist Electric Boilers, High Specification Dehumidifiers, Air Moving Fans and Electric Space Heaters can all be hired directly from ForceDry to provide ambient conditions for all trades on site.

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