Case Studies

Gasholders London

  • Due to marketplace conditions and programme slipping, the floor coverings were required much earlier in the build programme to enable kitchens and bathrooms chosen by clients to be fitted
  • Anhydrite floor screeds were still wet; weather conditions against the build programme;  no mains power, and no district heating available with plant room completion being much later on in the build programme
  • To maintain quality systems ForceDry was brought in to install temporary boilers, dry  the floor screeds and commission the floors within 21 days
  • Programme deadlines were met, floor layers could proceed and follow on trades were able to hit deadlines
  • Hidden benefits that came to light include the possibility for the M&E contractor to test and commission underfloor loops and manifolds ahead of schedule using the temporary boilers
  • With the boilers in operation, and heat available in the apartments, client chose to extend the boiler hire rather than hire space heaters for other trades to benefit. Plasterers, painters & decorators, joiners were all able to carry out their works with minimal latent defects

Anthology Hoxton Press

  • Wates, main contractor, fully appreciated the requirements for drying out liquid floor screeds. Enough programme time was allocated for them to dry out, as per the manufacturers guidelines. However the ideal conditions needed in the 60 days drying time, which is a rarity in the UK, meant the screed was not drying in time
  • Quality assurance was a big driver for this project and a solution was needed to keep the programme on track without sacrificing the quality assurance of the floor screeds
  • Upon returning to the screed manufacturer for help and advice the ForceDry solution was recommended and adopted across 198 dwellings in the 2 towers. Typical drying cycles of 21 days were achieved
  • Each dwelling was force dried in line with best practice, with each dwelling sealed to a high standard, dehumidifiers in place and regular moisture testing all managed by the Wates team supported by ForceDry engineers when required
  • The project is about to reach completion on time and we are under consideration for similar projects with Wates moving forward

Barts Square

  • M&E Contractor took on 50+ boilers here to dry out the floor screeds and advance the commissioning process on 91 apartments as a best practice policy to ensure quality control and programme constraints were overcome and completion was met on time
  • Build programme was incredibly tight and natural drying times would have created issues and potential delays. The most effective solution here was to use ForceDry temporary site boilers
  • Quality assurance was the main driver here and the client has the comfort of knowing his screeds were thoroughly dried and commissioned in line with British standards and programme was achieved with all apartments completed on time