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Condition and Commission Screed

A cracked screed floor

If your project has underfloor heating, you need to thermally prepare your floors before you lay your floor finish. When we talk about this this process we say that we will condition and commission the screed.

This programme will use your underfloor heating to gradually heat up the screed each day until it reaches a target temperature. This temperature is then held for a number of days, the process is then reversed until it returns to the start temperature again.

This process allows the screed to heat up and expand and contract in a safe and controlled manner, reducing the risk of thermal shocking. This in turn reduces the risk of cracking, curling and de-bonding of the floor finishes. In a nutshell that is what is involved when you condition and commission a screed floor.

ForceDry offer specialist equipment so you can commission and condition your screed ready for your final floor finish.

Please get in contact for further information and details on how we can help.

An example Condition and Commission programme for a 50mm screed floor might look something like this:

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