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We used a fast drying screed, why do we need ForceDry?

What does ‘Fast drying’ actually mean when talking about a Fast Drying Screed? Does it mean that the Fast Drying screed will be ready for all floor finishes in a couple of weeks? It is highly unlikely that any screed including fast drying can dry to a lower relative humidity than the atmosphere above it. So, if its cold and humid/damp on site your screed will be cold and damp. Unless you manipulate the atmosphere and environment above your screed inline with the humidity/dryness you require in the screed you will not achieve the results you require to move forward with floor finishes and programme time will be lost.

What can ForceDry do with Fast-Drying Screeds?

Commissioning and Conditioning

These fast drying screeds can be approached by ForceDry in several ways. ForceDry can firstly offer commissioning and conditioning. ForceDry will gradually heat up the screed using specialist electric boilers, holding it at the screed’s maximum temperature for several days and then slowly bringing it back down. This allows the screed to expand and contract in a controlled manner, lowering the risk of the floor cracking, failing, and retaining any moisture.

N.B Skipping this step may also invalidate any flooring warranties


High Relative Humidity is the most common cause of floor failures. When switched on for the first-time underfloor heating begins to warm the screed, residual moisture within the screed could be released causing lifting, warping and de-bonding of floor finishes. These can be extremely expensive problems to rectify later down the line – better to avoid by screed testing first to check suitable Relative Humidity levels.
ForceDry provide expert knowledge and processes to help access and understand the moisture levels within the screed.

ForceDry test the Relative Humidity within the screed using two different methods. One is a surface test taken from the top of the screed using a digital hood hygrometer test, ForceDry also provide simple spot tests around the room using a moisture meter.

The other is an invasive test which tests the moisture deep within the screed. This process also records the actual screed depth. When performing this test ForceDry will provide a thermal imaging service which can map underfloor heating and central heating pipework to avoid any accidents happening.

ForceDry will provide in-depth reports and advise on the results and help progress the project forward.

Temporary Heat Solution

ForceDry’s specialist 3 component system creates the ideal environmental controls. They maintain consistent temperatures and humidity on a project, whatever the weather outside. ForceDry’s electric boilers, dehumidifiers and air moving fans are versatile, able to be moved around sites easily, and can be used on sites without central power creating ambient conditions for trades and materials to benefit from.

ForceDry’s temporary heat solution can protect your employees, tools and equipment left on site and importantly protect your project and materials from damp, cold and freezing conditions. Acclimatise materials in situ even in winter so your project can keep moving forward all year round.

Ultimately, using a fast drying screed can save you time and progress the project on, but with the help from ForceDry you can provide assurance to your clients or project leaders that everything has been done to prevent any issues further down the line.

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