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Natural Drying

Flowing screeds dry at 1mm per day for the first 40mm then 0.5mm per day thereafter. 50mm screed would take at least 60 days to dry naturally and would require a further 17 days to complete a Commissioning and Conditioning cycle before the floors can be laid.

Manufactures typically calculate drying times based on an air temperature of 20°c with a relative humidity level of 65%, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 60 consecutive days. In the UK these temperatures and humidity levels are very rare so natural drying often takes longer.

Force drying screed – Wet to Dry Screed in 21 Days

For projects with UFH, major screed manufacturers recommend force drying because it significantly reduces drying times as well as commissions and conditions screed ready for the floor finish. This process reduces the risk of cracking, warping, and de-bonding of floors which is a common side effect of wet screed releasing moisture after the floors are laid.

How it works – Hire Specialist ForceDry Systems

A few days after the screed has been poured ForceDry’s specialist 3 component system is installed. Our electric boilers heat up the screed in a controlled manner. Moisture is forced from the screed into the air above, our high-spec dehumidifiers remove this moisture keeping the atmosphere dry and encouraging it to give up even more. Air moving fans maintain good air flow around the dwelling, so our dehumidifiers have maximum effect.

Once at target temperature the screed is held at this stage for several days. Once this process completes the temperature is then gradually reduced.

The programme is specific to the screed brand and depth and will be calculated as part of the estimating process.

Are there any other benefits?

Save time on your project compared to natural drying times

Gain time if your project is running behind schedule

Prepare your floors to the highest standards

Reduce the risk of floor failures

Take maximum advantage of your screeds quick drying technology

Works without first or second fix plumbing