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Ambient Heat – Keep Your Building Site Warm

Crane on construction site

How to Create Ambient Heat on a Building Site?

At ForceDry we provide specialist equipment to create warmer environments on site. With colder weather coming in, considerations need to be made to keep your construction site comfortable and safe for site operatives to work and to keep expensive pieces of equipment and tools safe from damp and freezing temperatures. The answer is to maintain the ambient heat on your building site.

ForceDry use temporary Electric Boilers which can be installed before the permanent site heat boilers are commissioned. ForceDry can size the boilers’ power requirements directly from the site’s requirements based on the area of each room. This is a significant benefit as quite often power supply is not yet connected on site and temporary electricity is required which can be an added expense. If we can provide boilers specific to the site, we can minimise the amount of power required very effectively while keeping your building site warm.

If an existing heating system is not available, we also provide industrial space heaters, these are an incredibly effective tool to keep your building site warm – heating a large site easily. All our equipment can be hired independently and delivered to your site in as little as 24 hours.

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